Central America hit by massive power outages

San José (AFP) - A huge power outage plunged millions of people across Central America into darkness Saturday, as authorities from Panama to Costa Rica to El Salvador scrambled to restore electrical service. The blackout affected some five million people in Costa Rica alone, where officials largely Source: Central America hit by massive power outages

U.S. attacking Russia’s power grid

The Trump administration is using new authority to take more aggressive digital action in a warning to Moscow and in a demonstration of its abilities. Source: U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid - The New York Times

Fort Bragg Army cut power to thousands as cyber-attack test

Fort Bragg Army base in eastern North Carolina went into a “blackout” for more than 12 hours as part of cyber attack military exercise. The base sought to see ‘real world reactions’ to a power outage. Source: Fort Bragg Army cut power to thousands as cyber-attack test | Charlotte Observer

Y2K-like bug knocks out the NYC wireless network system

A Y2K-like bug knocked out the city’s already-troubled wireless network system.The bug, known as the “GPS Rollover,” hit the city’s NYCWiN system on April 6, affecting several tasks including remote monitoring of traffic lights at 13,000 intersections, wireless reading of water meters, and a handful of NYPD license plate readers. Source: Y2K-like bug knocks out …