Disagree with government and get your internet turned off for 5 months

Indian authorities on Saturday restored internet in Indian Kashmir after a five-and-a half-month blackout but maintained a block on social media sites. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government imposed a communications blackout in early August when it stripped the portion of Kashmir it controls Source: Indian government ends internet blackout in restive Kashmir

Lebanon electricity crisis

Protesters in Lebanon say its electricity crisis reflects everything that is wrong with the country. Source: Lebanon electricity crisis: Stealing power to survive - BBC News

India internet shut down as protests rage

Troops have been deployed to India's ethnically diverse northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, amid violent protests against the passing of a controversial and far-reaching law that offers a path to Indian citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from three neighboring countries. Source: Citizenship Bill: India military deployed to Assam and Tripura and internet shut down as …