The underground White House

Information about recent West Wing construction, White House tunnels, and the PEOC. Source: White House Tunnel System and Underground Command Center

Microphone surveillance in French streets

A plan to install microphones on streets in the southeastern French town of Saint Etienne has angered some locals, with calls to come out onto the streets on Saturday to protest against what they say is an invasion of privacy. Source: Protests planned against microphone surveillance in French streets - France - RFI

US military stops releasing Afghanistan war information

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid a battlefield stalemate in Afghanistan , the U.S. military has stopped releasing information often cited to measure progress in America’s longest war, calling it of little value in fighting the Taliban insurgency. The move fits a trend of less information being released about the war in recent years, often at the insistence of …

Bush Jr. talked about quarantining parts of America

Conditioning people to accept mass quarantines as the new normal? A measles quarantine was ordered Thursday at UCLA and Cal State LA in an effort to try to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease. The order was issued as the nation remains gripped in the worst measles outbreak since 2000. Source: Measles …

Government killing millions of cats

Australian officials are airdropping poisonous sausages across the country in order to kill millions of feral cats that have taken over the continent. Source: Australian officials killing millions of feral cats with poisoned sausages | Fox News