Investigative Reporter: Greg Ericson

Appearances on the Travel Channel and the History Channel

A clip of me in 2013 stating the globalist new world order would release a global pandemic.

Watch Travel Channel Trailer Here

Travel Channel full episode (audio) Travel channel blocked the video.

Greg Ericson | My Background

Austin, Texas Live Call-In Public Access Television Host – 1988-2002

Publisher: Free Press International – 1996-2010

Editor for Before Its News – 2010-2019

Publisher: Ericson Report – 2021-2023

I was with Alex Jones from day one at Austin Public Access Television 1988.

Jeff Davis and I schooled Alex on the NWO.

People I’ve confronted and/or interviewed: Hillary Clinton, Bush Jr., Buzz Aldrin, Dan Rather, Bill Clinton, Martin Sheen, Al Gore, Bob Dole, G. Gordon Liddy, C-Span Book TV, news anchors, and TV stations, etc.

I was illegally arrested by Bush Jr. | Charges were dropped