The globalists’ WAR BY DESIGN in the Middle East

Egypt intelligence official says Israel ignored warnings of ‘something big’

Hamas surprise attack a ‘historic failure’ or DELIBERATE FAILURE for Israeli intelligence agencies?

Why did Israeli intelligence services not see this coming?

David Khalfa: It is a major failure for the Israeli intelligence services. A failure that could even be described as historic and without exaggerating, could be compared to what happened in 1973.

Israel is a country that is on permanent alert, ready to go into battle at any time. It is always on its toes. It is clear that there was a certain degree of unpreparedness, probably an error in the analysis and estimation on the part of Israeli intelligence services, but also in the preparation of Israeli special forces [for an attack like this].

It seems the Israeli army itself is in a state of shock. The country is in the fog of war, and the success of Hamas’s operation largely depends on an element of surprise, but also on joint army manoeuvres.

The attack was three-dimensional; it took place on land, sea and by air. That is probably what surprised the Israelis.

Israel is a country that relies on its technology to anticipate threats and neutralise them before they arise. It is clear that there was an issue regarding anticipation, and probably a problem in their analysis the threat level.

The scenario Israeli intelligence services were expecting was an invasion from the north, via Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. They were blindsided.