Lahaina, Hawaii wildfire | Massive government criminal neglect and withheld information

Mayor Bissen responsible for Lahaina evacuation per Hawaii Revised Statutes

Oprah Winfrey | Maui fire donation backlash

Explosive Maui City Council meeting | The Governor’s emergency proclamation happened three weeks before the wildfires?

Hawaii Residents voice frustration at the Build Beyond Barriers Working group meeting Aug. 29.

Lahaina Residents at the Maui County Council meeting on Aug 22.

Maui worker’s viral video shows Front Street police roadblock

Hawaii’s Governor, Josh Green, was not the Governor at the time of the Lahaina wildfire? | Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke was? | KITV VIDEO

Governor of Hawaii | Mayor of Maui

Weeks after Maui fires, most residents blocked from access to Lahaina homes – starting to feel like an extended military occupation of Lahaina

FEMA officials booked themselves into 5-star luxury Hawaiian resorts, where they relaxed at cocktail bars, 45 minutes away from Lahaina. They’re shacking up beachfront at hotels that go for $1,000+ a night

Physical evidence of the Lahaina fire may have been destroyed by the power company

Maui survivors say they didn’t see government personnel for days | FEMA Administrator doesn’t answer the question

Bones don’t simply disintegrate during cremation, or ever completely burn to ash on their own.

As fire raged, Maui mayor said Lahaina road was open in TV appearance

Mayor Bissen was completely unaware during a live interview on the day of the fire

Maui residents who disobeyed government barricades survived the fires

Maui officials promised to improve fire safety following the near-deadly 2018 blaze – They broke their promise

Children Sent Home From School on Day of Maui Fires for High Winds

Many Lahaina wildfire victims may be children, Hawaii governor says

Before the wildfire, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency had a discussion about the use of sirens to let residents know they should flee. They chose not to use it.

Apparently, Attorney General Anne E. Lopez can’t ensure accountability and transparency and reassure the people of Hawaii that all of the facts will be uncovered. She must hire an unnamed 3rd-party group.

Roadblocks kept people from delivering supplies

Maui police shut down food distribution to its citizens

Hawaii utility did not cut power to reduce fire risks

A State Official Refused To Release Water For West Maui Fires Until It Was Too Late?

Hawaiian utility trucks blocked roads. There were no police officers in sight

Maui officials attack social media (citizen reporters)

Maui’s Police Chief was the incident commander for the 2017 Las Vegas massacre

Former officers complain about Maui’s police chief | KITV

Maui police chief is also the coroner?

Lahaina Inferno Began After Firefighters Departed a ‘Contained’ Scene – No one left to monitor the contained scene

Journalists are not allowed to enter disaster zone – Gov says there’s nothing to see

Crime scene Toxic Debris From The Lahaina Fire Will Be Shipped To The Mainland

4:45 PM Lahaina residents told to stay at home

The Maui police chief refused to talk to the people

Pro surfer Kai Lenny bashes government for lack of aid amid Maui wildfires

Maui business owner critical of response | NBC

Maui residents critical of government response

Who benefits from the wildfire?

Billions of dollars for cleanup – Billions for rebuilding | The multinational corporations and bankers will benefit?

Realtors calling Lahaina families trying to buy their land

Hawaii Governor: I’m already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land | KHON2 (Video Below)

Who owns Maui? | The State government owns over 154,000 acres, Alexander & Baldwin 65,000 acres, and the Federal Government owns over 33,000 acres.

How Hawaii plans to be the first US state to run entirely on clean energy – World Economic Forum

Maui Island 2030 Plan

Maui wildfires wipe away centuries of Lahaina’s history

In Search Of The Red Cross’ $500 Million In Haiti Relief

How the USA Stole Hawaii.

Hawaii Digital Government Summit

Maui police chief | A fire that melted metal

Hawaii governor says ‘like a bomb was dropped on Lahaina’

“We’re seeing fires unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Maui rescuers compare the aftermath of the Lahaina wildfires to 9/11 and Ground Zero

During the Lahaina wildfire: “All the cell towers are burnt down” | ABC NEWS VIDEO

Biden: I remain laser-focused on recovery and rebuilding efforts in Maui

Biden: And that response is to “increase the number and intensity of the extreme weather events”

Three Lahaina civilians testify at City Council Meeting | This was not a natural disaster

Yes, classified exotic weapons do exist | Library of Congress

Were the Twin Towers hit with a classified exotic weapon?