Indications of a conspiracy | Obama Chef Death 2023

Tafari Campbell’s drowning parallels tragic death of Clinton chef

Authorities are still releasing only spare details of the incident, while withholding the names of virtually anyone involved.

Massachusetts police are STILL withholding basic information about Barack Obama’s personal chef under the GUISE of an ‘ongoing investigation’

Sources who participated in the initial multi-jurisdictional effort told that state police have even armed departments with rejection letters to send to the media, which has been bombarding agencies with questions.

Barack Obama both played golf five days after the tragedy – with “bandages on his fingers”

Secret Service was “present” at Obama’s estate

8.1.2023 | The still unnamed second paddleboarder was also a staffer to former President Obama

EXCLUSIVE: Tafari Campbell paddle boarding death riddle: Cops left call log reporting Obama private chef’s drowning BLANK and said it came from 2 miles away – as they refuse to reveal who he was with on the water

The Obamas’ office did not respond to requests to clarify who was in the house when Campbell’s accident occurred. 

The Obamas were on the island but elsewhere at an unknown location | Source

Sasha, 22, and Malia Obama, 25, were spotted leaving Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday after the death of the family’s private chef

The Obamas are still thought to be on the island. 

It took them almost 18 hours to recover him when he wasn’t that far out.’ | Source

Locals have not spotted the former president and First Lady since the incident

Initially, the Obamas’ office said they were not home

Police boat injures diver identified as husband of former Obama administration member just days after Obama chef death