ALERT: Commonwealth Bank’s new ‘cashless’ branches

Karl Stefanovic has called out Commonwealth Bank’s decision to open new ‘cashless’ branches where withdrawals and deposits are not available over the counter.The bank has opened new ‘specialist centre’ branches, located in metropolitan areas, where access to cash is only available via ATMs. ‘Don’t worry there’s just no cash in this bank… is there a glitch in matrix or something going on at the moment?’ No cash in the bank?’ Stefanovic said on the program on Wednesday morning. 

In-person teller transactions are not available at the specialist centres, which focus on ‘complex’ banking including business customers and loan products.Karl Stefanvoic’s brutal message for Commonwealth bank

‘Commonwealth Bank has created a very small number of Specialist Centres in major metropolitan areas, which are designed to support personal and business customers with more complex banking needs,’ a spokesperson said.’These Specialist Centres provide customers with face-to-face access to specialist home and business lenders, and also offer the latest self-service technologies.”All of our Specialist Centres are very nearby to full-service branches.”We continue to maintain Australia’s largest branch network for customers.’