Biden administration faces WH cocaine cover-up

Since July 2, when the cocaine was discovered, the Secret Service had been pouring over surveillance footage from cameras stationed all over the White House, but still hasn’t managed to find a culprit.Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has avoided the latest White House scandal by escaping to Europe for meetings with foreign leaders.There were no fingerprints or other DNA found on the container holding the cocaine, according to the Secret Service. And there was less than an ounce of the illicit drug in the ‘dime-sized’ zipper-lock baggie. 

‘Have they drug tested this list of 500 potential suspects that brought an illegal substance – the drug cocaine – into the White House,’ Greene told reporters after the briefing. ‘Their answer was no, and that they’re unwilling to do so.’Without any direct answers from the USSS or the Biden administration on the cocaine discovery with nearly two weeks to investigate the matter, members of Congress demanded briefings.

Trump-era CBP Director and longtime FBI agent Mark Morgan told last week that the case is ‘straightforward’ and could be solved in the matter of 30 minutes.

Morgan, and Rep. Burchett, noted that there are cameras everywhere with facial recognition technology that could provide answers to who brought the cocaine into the White House.

It’s unlikely Republican members of Congress will be happy with USSS closing the investigation without finding out who is responsible for bringing the illicit drug into the West Wing.

The substance was found Sunday, July 2, leading to a hazmat evacuation of the White House while President Joe Biden and his family were in Camp David for the long holiday weekend.

Now, 11 days after the discovery, Congress is no closer to knowing how the drug made it into one of the most secure places in the U.S. – and USSS doesn’t plan to provide any definitive answers.