JPMorgan’s bombshell Jeffrey Epstein messages revealed: Execs joked about 16-year-old Miley Cyrus and ‘Sugar Daddy’

The Virgin Islands exposed JPMorgan’s private messages about Jeffrey Epstein, which include jokes about then-16-year-old Miley Cyrus and “Sugar Daddy!” On the right, Cyrus performs at her “Sweet Sixteen.” (Photos via DOJ on the left, and AP Photo/Dan Steinberg on the right)

The same year Miley Cyrus performed at her “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party in California’s Disneyland in 2008, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein became a newly minted sex offender after pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor.

These events didn’t escape the attention of Epstein’s bank at the time, JPMorgan Chase.

In one of the bombshell communications disclosed on Wednesday evening, JPMorgan’s senior executive Mary Erdoes received a message that year asking whether Epstein was attending an event “with miley cyrus.” (There’s no evidence that the joke had any factual basis.) Erdoes went on to become the CEO of JPMorgan’s Asset & Wealth Management, and she admitted in a recent deposition that the bank was aware by at least 2006 that Epstein stood “accused of paying cash to have underage girls and young women brought to his home.”