I-95 collapse investigation | Why would a tanker explode under a major freeway connecting 4 major cities?

Sources said the tons of rubble and burning fire are hampering their efforts to make a positive determination, per a conference call with key unnamed stakeholders. 

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Sources tell 6abc Action News that human remains have been found in the wreckage after a tanker truck fire led to the partial collapse of I-95 in Philadelphia over the weekend. The remains were discovered Monday. The identity of the remains is not yet known. Meanwhile, family members and separate sources confirm to 6abc Action News the name of the tanker truck driver as Nathaniel Moody. At this time, authorities say Moody remains unaccounted for.

Sunday morning, just before 9 a.m., Captain Derrick Bowmer, of the Philadelphia Fire Department, said that runoff from the burning truck is also causing explosions underground. “We will be here for awhile,” he said. “We have fire coming out of those manholes.”

Where is the remains of the tanker?

Trying to get answers this morning on FOX 29

Alleged footage of the tanker

Alleged picture of no tanker visible

But, officials told NBC10 that they aren’t sure exactly what kind of truck it might be as they haven’t been able to get in there to search for a driver. 

Footage before the collapse

I-95 collapse affects traffic flow to NYC, Baltimore, and Washington DC