‘Military Gel’ rained from the skies making people ill? | Video

According to Unsolved Mysteries in an episode from 1997, at 3:00 am on August 7, 1994, the goo began to fall, and over a period of three weeks, the goo would fall a total of six times.

Oakville resident Beverly Roberts told the show that sickness was widespread,

The show states that samples were sent off to Washington Department of Health microbiologist Mike McDowell for testing, who was interviewed by National Geographic in another show that he believes that this was not natural.

Before anyone else could test his samples, McDowell says they disappeared.

McDowell added, “This material, and I have no proof one way or the other, was manufactured by someone for some purpose, and for some reason, Oakville was chosen as the test site.”

Mike McDowell has since retired from the Department of Health, and former police officer Lacey was not available for a comment.

Perhaps the only answers we will find, will be when Oakville or another local town see this blob again.

20 Years Later: The Oakville Blob