Canadian Wildfires Coverage

Wildfire Terrorism

Canada wildfire interactive map

Most of the more than 2,000 fires that Canada has seen this year are thought to have been started by humans. | BBC

RCMP charge Alberta woman with 32 counts of arson after spring wildfires

Cops suspect arson caused wildfire in at least one part of Quebec | Toronto Sun

So you don’t believe arsonists exist?

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith | “I think you’re watching, as I am, the number of stories about arson,” she responded. “I’m very concerned that there are arsonists.”

Maxime Bernier, who tweeted earlier this week that he bet “a good portion” of the fires had been “started by green terrorists.”

Canada’s wildfires are a reminder climate warriors have it all wrong – New York Post

The Government Set a Colossal Wildfire. New Mexico’s largest recorded wildfire – New York Times

Alleged video show many wildfires all starting at the same time

Video from DutchSinse

Why does CIRA not show footage before the start of the wildfires? Compare the two videos

Compare before and after

More alleged wildfires starting at the same time west of Edmonton, Canada

‘How could a whole town burn?’ — The most tragic wildfires to scorch the Prairies

Police in NS say some fires deliberately set

Woman arrested for ‘intentionally’ setting fires in woods near Sooke, B.C.: police

An example of controlled-burns