Draconian AI camera spies inside your car – issue tickets

THE world’s first AI speed camera has been put up in Britain — and can spy on drivers inside their cars.

The 10in unit’s “4D” radar and super-resolution cameras are able to spot motorists on mobile phones or without seat belts — and can also detect if too many people are inside.

As well as dishing out fines for speeding and jumping red lights, The Redspeed Sentio camera can be linked to DVLA and police databases to check tax and insurance on the spot.

It can monitor six lanes night and day and be combined with other units to check average speeds.

The solar-powered gizmos have enough energy to work overnight.

Critics have branded the camera “Big Brother’s cash machine”.

Brian Gregory, from the Alliance of British Drivers, said: “It’s clear that the hollow assurances the motoring public was given about speed cameras being used exclusively to prevent accidents was always a total sham. The objective is actually to maximise their revenue-generating potential”

The camera has been installed on the busy A23 in Lambeth, South London, as part of a Transport for London trial before it can be given Home Office approval.

Makers Redspeed International say on their website: “Redspeed Sentio is designed to be whatever camera you want it to be.

“In combining several key enforcement applications and having AI at its heart, Redspeed Sentio has the built-in modular flexibility, capability and scalability to meet virtually any future challenge.”

Draconian AI camera spies inside your car – issues tickets


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