Canada’s 2023 National CITIZEN’S Inquiry On The Pandemic’s Draconian Dystopia – VIDEOS

Citizens Inquiry Canada (CIC) is the non-profit corporation that provides the legal framework for the National Citizens’ Inquiry initiative.

Where the Commissioners ensure that the NCI is conducted according to the highest evidentiary standards, the CIC’s Board of Directors ensure that the NCI’s administration is carried out with rigorous financial and legal oversight.

The CIC’s Board of Directors ensure:

  • Funds received and disbursed are done so according to the required accounting and audit standards and practices;
  • Compliance with Canadian privacy legislation and other laws; and
  • Sound corporate governance and risk management.

CIC Board of Directors

Chesley Crosbie

Ches Crosbie KC is a long-time member of the bar of NL who has been entrusted by voters to represent them in leadership positions in the legislature. His volunteer activities include the Atlantic Charter Foundation, which commemorates the August 1941 meeting in Newfoundland waters of wartime leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, who famously told the the free world, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.”