NYPD rolls out ‘snitchROBOT’ dog – VIDEO

Rise of the machines.

The NYPD is rolling out several crime-fighting robots — including one dubbed a “snitchBOT” that will patrol Times Square and city subways.

“The Terminator”-esque tech is one of three new pieces of futuristic equipment that the NYPD has already started to pilot to help with policing, said Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell and Mayor Eric Adams at a Tuesday press conference.

“We cannot be afraid of [the technology],” Adams said.

“If we were not willing to move forward and use technology to properly keep cities safe, then we will not keep up with those who are doing harmful things to hurt New York.”

Two controversial four-legged “Digi-dogs” — which cost a total of nearly $750,000 — made it on the force a few weeks ago.

The K5 Autonomous Security Robot is being added and is an egg-shaped bot produced by Knightscope that can detect people during restricted hours and is equipped with more than a dozen microphones and a 360-degree HD camera, as well as sonar and lidar sensors.

It also has a license-plate reader.

The bot — about 5.5 feet high and 400 pounds — travels at a max speed of 3 mph.

The single rented K5, along with a seventh-month service subscription as part of the pilot, will run the department $12,250, officials said. 

“[It] is best suited for securing large, outdoor spaces through the winters of the Northeast and the summers of the South” but also can be used indoors, the manufacturer said.

NYPD Chief of Department Jeff Maddrey said cops will start off with one leased K5 unit in June or July that will be used in Times Square and the subway as part of a six-month pilot with a human partner.

The robot was rolled out a few weeks at Lowes locations in Philadelphia — where the locals have already dubbed it “snitchBOT,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

NYPD rolls out ‘snitchBOT’ to help monitor criminals

NYPD rolls out ‘snitchBOT’ to help monitor criminals