The 2016 election divide and conquer the USA operation by the globalists?

In 2016 while everyone was focused on Trump and Hillary – something else happened.

The globalists orchestrated the largest intelligence operation in US history to divide and conquer America?

Now, we have 50% of our nation absolutely hating the other 50%.

Are we really that naive to believe all democrats are evil? Common sense is under attack in the US. People are just waking up at different times.

This never took place before 2016. Sure, Republicans and Democrats squabbled but there was never this much hate.

The pledge of allegiance doesn’t say indivisible unless you’re a Democrat or indivisible unless you’re a Republican. It says, indivisible.

The Democrats and Republicans fell for the globalists divide and conquer scam.

Only united can the world defeat the globalist’s new world disorder.

The 2020 global de facto martial law takeover of our planet – Global fascism is here!