Chinese object was an“exotic vehicle” with possible anti-gravity technology | former WH reporter

UPDATE: Pentagon REFUSES to release shot down ‘UFO’ footage over North America

Top US general not ruling out aliens after military shoots down 3 UFOs

BREAKING: top defense expert tells me that UFO shot down over Alaska by American F-22 was Chinese “exotic vehicle” that is hypersonic and might even have “anti-gravity technology.” These vehicles can travel at MACH 5.

Second Chinese “exotic vehicle” (drone) was shot down over Lake Huron. Pentagon is very tight-lipped about retrieval of this vehicle. Source tells me: CCP might be testing American military response to sudden incursions into our air space. These two “drones” were not balloons.

One official told ABC News that the object was “cylindrical and silver-ish gray” and gave the “balloon-like” appearance of floating without “any sort of propulsion”

‘Octagonal’ object shot down by military aircraft over Lake Huron, US officials confirm

Is this video of the cylindrical object the Pentagon won’t release?