We can blame the current state of the world on world leaders and corporations?

No one wants a virus enveloping the world, yet here we are!

Everyone wants peace but the wars never end.

No one wants the environment trashed but it keeps getting worse.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie (decent living) but the 1% owns 99% of it.

No one wants famine and humanitarian crises but it keeps getting worse.

Everyone wants freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and a truly free press – yet our rights and freedoms keep being taken away.

Everyone supports small businesses – but mega-corporations have stripped away our small towns to a McDonalds and Walmart.

No one wants genetically modified foods, but corporations are cramming them down our throats.

Since the real rulers of this world are mostly unknown – we should blame who we can identify. World leaders.

The only thing that will change this world is ‘we the people.

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