The Jeffrey Epstein, Richard Branson, NXIVM, Princess Diana connection?

Richard Branson had breakfast with Jeffrey Epstein three years after the paedophile was jailed for child prostitution

Edgar Bronfman Jr is found in Epstein’s black book. The former Warner Music Group CEO, son of the late Seagram’s CEO Edgar Bronfman Sr., is related to the NXIVM-sex-cult Bronfmans. His son has a child with pop star M.I.A.

Other royal connections in Epstein’s black book include ‘Charles Althorp’, meaning Charles, Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, and Rosa Monckton, the late princess’s best friend. 

Jeffrey Epstein Told Journalist He ‘Escorted’ Princess Diana

Prince Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell ‘boasted about teasing Princess Diana and making her cry

Jeffrey Epstein had 301 Britons in his ‘little black book’ including Mick Jagger, Tony Blair, and Richard Branson, FBI files reveal

Princess Diana visited the Branson’s private island with Prince William and Prince Harry 

Princess Diana names Richard Branson’s Virgin Airliner

NXIVM sex-cult members, Nancy Salzman, Sara Brofman, her sister Clare, and Allison Mack, partied on Richard Branson’s private island

NXIVM sex slave cult ‘held wild parties and seminars’ on Sir Richard Branson’s private island Necker – The Sun

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