King Charles friendships with three paedophiles | The Guardian

Next, as part of the supplementary training now widely proposed for our clumsy royal apprentice, she could study how Prince Charles’s reputation survived devoted friendships with – to date – three paedophiles: Laurens van der Post, Jimmy Savile and an already cautioned offender, Peter Ball. Meghan’s Instagram account alone has generated more hostile press than the recent conclusion of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse that the prince’s support for Ball was “misguided”.

How have the above royals avoided relentless Meghan-style bollockings on account of, variously, execrable judgment, bad taste, susceptibility to wealth and/or flattery? There must, surely, be something more to it than having white skin.

Meghan seems to mix with all the ‘wrong’ people. So unlike the other royals … | Catherine Bennett | The Guardian

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