Maxwell Trial: KATE (now 44) accuser was a blonde British international model, with an “extraordinary ability” visa as a musician.

Defence lawyer Bobbi Sternheim is cross-examining the witness “Kate”, asking her about her family and career as an “international model”.

Her mother was a beautiful debutante and her stepfather was very wealthy and lived in Belgravia in central London.

“Kate” confirms she modeled, including for lingerie companies, and dated a prominent Oxford classmate of Ms. Maxwell.

She moved to the US on an “extraordinary ability” visa as a musician. She had non-speaking parts and in movies including one with a very well-known UK actor.

Kate, who says she now works with women who suffer from trauma or substance abuse, testified that she only cut off contact with the late sex offender in her early 30s, after she became a mother. Still, the soft-spoken blonde, who wore her hair pulled back in a bun

She is now, 44 years old

Source: The Independent

Source: New York Post


Washington Post

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