Ghislaine Maxwell’s 58-page Household Manual | Daily Mail

On Thursday, Epstein’s former housekeeper Juan Alessi, 72, took the stand and revealed how she wanted the house run like a ‘five-star hotel,’ which included washing Epstein’s car, stuffing it with $100 bills and avoiding eye contact with him, as Maxwell claimed he detested it.

Staff were handed a 58-page ‘Household Manual’ filled with demands: ‘Try and anticipate the needs of Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell and their guests;’ ‘Do not discuss personal problems with guests;’ ‘Unobtrusive is the key;’ ‘SMILE!’ and ‘NEVER disclose Mr. Epstein or Ms. Maxwell’s activities or whereabouts to anyone.’

One bullet on the checklist read: ‘See nothing. Say nothing.’

When asked by prosecutor Maurene Comey what he understood that meant, Alessi replied: ‘I was supposed to be blind, deaf, to say nothing.’ 

In the master bedroom, staff were to ensure a gun was placed in a bedside table drawer, shutters were closed, and that reading glasses, eye masks and ‘Jeffrey Epstein large and small notepads’ were on both bedside tables.

Maxwell demanded the staff use ‘proper language’ with a list of things ‘you don’t say’: ‘Yeah,’ ‘Sure,’ ‘No problem,’ ‘You bet,’ ‘Gotcha,’ ‘Right’ and ‘I dunno.’

When complimented, according to the manual, they should respond: ‘You are very kind’ and ‘Thank, you, Ms. ____. I enjoy doing it.’  

Alessi’s other duties were to make breakfast at 5 a.m. and bathe Maxwell’s dog – a Yorkshire Terrier called Max.

He told the court he was expected to be up at the crack of dawn to make the food rather than Epstein’s professional cooks, ‘because the chefs have the privilege to sleep in.’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s 58-page Household Manual | Daily Mail
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