Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: “Jane” prosecution witness is a current famous US soap opera actress – another accuser is a current British actress

Maxwell’s attorney Laura Menninger grilled “Jane” on what she described as her shifting memories of those alleged incidents on Wednesday, comparing what she said with the government’s notes of their interviews. She also tried to undermine “Jane’s” testimony that she had a difficult family life and focused on her career as a soap opera actress to suggest that she was experienced in creating “melodrama.”

Source: Law and Crime

When Maxwell attorney Laura Menninger asked whether she told family members and close friends about Maxwell’s alleged sexual abuse, Jane said: “I don’t know. I was very reluctant to give details. I didn’t want to share it with them in the first place.” Challenged by the defence team on why her memory of Maxwell’s abuse only occurred after Epstein’s death, Jane said: “Memory is not linear.” Jane is a famous actor in a big US soap opera. Menninger asked Jane: is an actor “someone who plays the role of a fictional character … someone who takes lines borrowed from a writer?” “Yes,” said Jane. 

Source: The Guardian

It was revealed in court yesterday that one of the three anonymous victims is a British actress, while another is a star on a US soap.

Source: The Sun

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