US Secret Service flew on the Lolita Express | Daily Mail

When Davies arrived to the airfield for the trip, she said a man handed her and three other assistants pilot uniforms to wear on board as they waited for Epstein and Maxwell’s arrival.  ‘I felt like a goober but I was a good sport and put it on,’ she said. ‘We were given a briefing on the food that was available on the plane and our flight schedule, but then we took a seat.’  Davies described being shocked when she saw the A-listers that would be traveling with her.   ‘I jumped out of my seat and was immediately aware that my travel mates had arrived. And in walks Bill Clinton,’ she told The Sun. ‘He continued to walk onto the plane, introducing himself. I thought him to be charming and sweet. ‘More of the guests arrived, and somehow, as the plane closed its doors, I stood looking around the room at all the new faces I just met. ‘Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey and Bill – accompanied also of course by the Secret Service.  ‘I was going to Africa with the most eclectic group of people imaginable.’

‘Lolita Express’ air hostess Epstein accuser speaks about Africa flight with Bill Clinton | Daily Mail Online