Oddities and interesting developments in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Publisher note: Anyone, employees, friends, who had contact with Epstein AFTER his conviction are POSSIBLE co-conspirators? Yet, they are appearing as witnesses in the trial. No mention by the court of their participation.

JUROR VIDEO: Ghislaine Maxwell MISTRIAL because of two jurors?

Only 4 alleged victims set to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell out of a 150 victims

Reuters admits some federal courts televise trials – So why not Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial? – The most important trial in the world

The US government has 2.7 MILLION pages of evidence (documents, video, images) to put over a hundred VIPs in prison. So where are the mass arrests?!

The court completely ignores Maxwell’s close friend – Elite child-molester Jean-Luc Brunel

Prosecuters in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial CUT THE WITNESS LIST before resting their case on Thursday, nearly a month earlier than expected. – The Sun

The woman who knows the most about Ghislaine Maxwell suddenly won’t be testifying

Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal assistant, Emmy Taylor, DISAPPEARS

Why would Ghislaine Maxwell’s judge get a possible promotion right as the trial starts?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense team ignores an ‘explicit’ photo outside of Epstein’s bedroom with his underage goddaughter, Celina Dubin – ignores the Dubin’s invited Epstein to Thanksgiving dinner AFTER his conviction

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is escorted into the courthouse, an accuser waits in the cold

Maxwell Trial: “Jane” prosecution witness is a current famous US soap opera actress

Maxwell Trial: KATE (now 44) accuser was a blonde British international model, with an “extraordinary ability” visa as a musician.

Maxwell Trial – Why would the prosecution (govt) want to put a ‘heavily redacted’ version of the little black book into evidence?

The prosecution (govt) will not release Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘black book’ of contacts

FBI has 20,000 photos from Epstein’s home | Washington Examiner

FBI admits they have HUNDREDS of images of nude underage girls from Epstein’s home – New York Post

Photo of Epstein with his underage goddaughter, Celina Dubin, (daughter of billionaires Glenn and Eva Dubin) sitting on his lap while he ‘pulled her underwear and bit her bottom’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s 58-page Household Manual | Daily Mail