Ghislaine Maxwell Trial – New revelations – November 22, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Opens a New Chapter in Heinous Jeffrey Epstein Saga | Vanity Fair

Judge Alison Nathan has ordered all parties to refrain from speaking to the media. A lawyer who has represented Epstein victims said in frustration: “What are we actually going to learn?” 

What we learn in the courtroom will depend in large part on the witnesses the government puts on the stand. At least four accusers will testify against Maxwell (three of whom will be granted anonymity). According to a source, one of the best-known Epstein accusers, Virginia Giuffre, will not be testifying. Giuffre is the only Epstein accuser that has named names of the powerful men who allegedly participated in Epstein’s trafficking ring. In depositions and media interviews, Giuffre said Epstein and Maxwell trafficked her to Britain’s Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson; former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell; the late MIT computer scientist Marvin Minsky; and MC2 model agency cofounder Jean-Luc Brunel (the men have strenuously denied the allegations). According to the source, Giuffre, who lives in Australia, will hold off-the-record remote briefings for reporters during the trial. 

Another unresolved question is what evidence Judge Nathan will allow prosecutors to introduce in court. Prosecutors say Maxwell had two unnamed coconspirators in addition to Epstein. These unnamed accomplices could have cooperated with the government and furnished new details about Epstein’s crimes that could be aired in court. But we won’t hear from them directly. The New York Times reported on November 16 that the coconspirators are not “available” to testify. Conceivably, the government could be investigating these people and planning to charge them with crimes after the Maxwell trial. Until then, we wait. Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Opens a New Chapter in Heinous Jeffrey Epstein Saga | Vanity Fair