2010 ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ party took place AFTER Epstein’s release from prison for child sex crimes – MIRROR

Attended by Katie Couric, Woody Allen, and Prince Andrew. Very young females were there.

In her new book she describes the townhouse as “‘Eyes Wide Shut with a twist – creepy chandeliers and body-part art”.

Lasagne was served in shallow bowls and Epstein held court in front of the fire place with guests including Woody Allen.

On the way home, Couric’s boyfriend Brooks Perlin remarked to her how young the women who took their coats were, Mail Online reports.

She writes: “I couldn’t imagine what Epstein and Andrew were up to, apart from trying to cultivate friends in the media.

“Which, in retrospect, they must have figured they’d need.”

A friend of the Duke told The Sun: “The fact that Katie Couric attended a dinner party at Epstein’s house only demonstrates how many of New York’s high society and media revolved in Epstein’s orbit.”

The 2010 dinner party followed shortly after Epstein’s release from prison for child sex crimes he was convicted of in 2008.

The Duke of York has previously admitted he stayed with Epstein in New York in December 2010, when they were pictured walking together in Central Park.

Source: The Mirror