Mainstream media can’t agree on what Ghislaine Maxwell wore in court today – Where are the pictures and video!??

Ghislaine Maxwell has traded jailhouse garb for a business casual getup. 

Maxwell appeared in court Monday morning ahead of jury selection in her upcoming sex-trafficking trial — and sported civilian clothes for the first time in public since her 2020 arrest.

The accused Jeffrey Epstein madam wore gray slacks, a black turtleneck, black reading glasses and black boots as her attorneys hammered out the logistics of how some 230 prospective jurors will be posed questions by Manhattan federal Judge Alison Nathan starting Tuesday morning. 

Maxwell was escorted by US Marshals into the courtroom, but was not shackled or handcuffed, as she had been during her previous appearances. 

She spoke with her legal team and shared a laugh with them after the brief hearing concluded. One of her attorneys, Jeffrey Pagliuca, also stroked her hair and wiped it out of her face as they exchanged words. 

On Tuesday morning, prospective jurors will be posed questions to determine their ability to be impartial if chosen to sit on the panel. 

The questions will include a query on views of people who are “wealthy or have luxurious lifestyles,” according to court documents. 

Source: New York Post

Ghislaine Maxwell is wearing a blue prison tunic and baggy trousers. Not in shackles as at a previous hearing. She has nodded to a family member in court. Is writing notes, using reading glasses, talking to her legal team. – Source: Joe Pike – Sky News