Secret Societies of Hollywood Documentary

What the average movie, TV and music fan doesn’t know about the real Hollywood is a fascinating, and often shocking, portrait of the Entertainment Capital of the World in all of its harsh reality. To the rest of the world, it seems that their favorite celebrities live the ultimate lifestyle, with everything at their fingertips and hoards of people lining up to work with them and for them. What outsiders don’t see would make anyone think twice about stepping into the shoes of an A-list superstar. In four, all-new specials, E!’s hit show, “Secret Societies of Hollywood” returns and goes behind-the-scenes of the Hollywood that the world only thinks it knows to expose the cults, cabals, underground clubs and to reveal the unvarnished truth about Hollywood royalty. The first all-new episode, “Secret Societies of Hollywood: Deals and Dealers” premieres Thursday, April 17 at 8PM ET/PT only on E!

Secret Societies of Hollywood/Documentary from Kleann6160 on Vimeo.