CIA’s 1960s experiments to create ‘remote control’ dogs | Daily Mail

The CIA conducted experiments on dogs in the 1960s to control their behavior

Electrodes were implanted into areas of the brain involved with reward

Dogs would be shocked with the hopes they would react a certain way

Newly declassified documents show clear images of beagles with the device

The report also details the experiments with some goes dying in the process

Documents of the CIA’s 1960s ‘remote controlled’ dog experiments were declassified in 2018, but images of the canines fitted with electrodes in their brains have recently emerged.

The black-and-white photos show beagles strapped with a receiver-stimulator on their back and a protective helmet covering where the devices were surgically placed in their skulls.

The newly declassified documents also describe three tests subjects in the program that endured shocks up to 90 volts, with one being zapped 2,000 times until it began convulsing and died.

Source: CIA’s 1960s experiments to create ‘remote control’ dogs by implanting electrodes into their brains | Daily Mail Online