Court TV to broadcast George Floyd’s trial – Will they show Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial?

Court TV is to go live on the UK DTT platform later this month.

Its debut on Freeview channel 89 on February 15 will give viewers access to live coverage and analysis of one of the biggest trials in modern US history, starting in early March.

The Scripps-backed channel will follow the trial of the four police officers charged in connection with the death of 46 year-old African-American George Floyd. Video footage of Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Floyd’s neck while his three police colleagues looked on, went viral on social media and sparked a global movement protesting against police brutality and racism.

The four officers will face third degree murder charges with Chauvin being tried separately.

Ahead of the trial Court TV will show an hour-long special, I Can’t Breathe, which takes viewers through Floyd’s life and the origins of the movement his death sparked.

It’s the first time in Court TV’s history that the network has broadcast a trial from a Minneapolis courtroom.

Source: Court TV launches on Freeview ahead of Floyd trial