Biden to force mask-wearing on federal land – forcing people to breathe in C02

When you inhale (breathe in), air enters your lungs and oxygen from the air moves from your lungs to your blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide, a waste gas, moves from your blood to the lungs and is exhaled (breathe out).

President Biden was sworn into office Wednesday, and one of his first priorities will be to sign an executive order urging Americans to wear masks for 100 days and requiring them on federal property.

His first executive order, the “100-day masking challenge,” will require masks and social distancing in all federal buildings, on all federal land and by federal employees and contractors, and on airlines, trains and transit systems traveling between states.

While a president cannot tell state and local officials what to require, Biden’s order will urge states to enact their own mandates. Most states have already done so.

During his inaugural address, the new commander in chief warned that the nation’s “darkest and most deadly” coronavirus pandemic days could be ahead of it.

Another executive order Wednesday will create a White House COVID-19 response office, headed by Biden’s coronavirus czar Jeffrey Zients.

Last month, Biden said the coronavirus pandemic would be “first priority, the second priority, and the third priority” of his White House. Last week, Biden unveiled his “bold” new vaccination plan to fix former President Trump’s “dismal failure,” he said.

Source: Biden to mandate mask-wearing on federal land in executive order | Fox News

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