COVID Poland: Hundreds of businesses DEFY lockdown – Daily Mail

Ski slopes, restaurants and hotels in Poland’s mountainous south to defy rules

Hundreds joined the ‘Highlanders’ Veto’ movement’s disobedience campaign

Poland’s government extended most of the coronavirus lockdown rules Monday

Ski slopes, restaurants and hotels in Poland’s tourist-reliant mountainous south have announced they will defy anti-virus
restrictions and reopen Monday, as small business owners nationwide grow increasingly weary of lockdown.

Around 200 entrepreneurs have joined the so-called ‘Highlanders’ Veto’ movement, whose leader Sebastian Piton announced the disobedience campaign while clad in the traditional outfit of the Tatra mountains.

But the Polish government said opening businesses now would ‘radically increase’ the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the country.

‘The entrepreneurs are this determined because they realise they won’t survive another month – so they have no choice,’ said Piton, who has described coronavirus as a ‘minor, pleasant illness’.

Source: Covid Poland: Hundreds of tourist-trade businesses DEFY lockdown