Alleged Jeffrey Epstein recruiter is living at 92 Greene St, NYC

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “sex slave” recruiter Sarah Kellen and her NASCAR-driver husband Brian Vickers have caused misery at celebrity condominium in SoHo, according to neighbors who complain of their endless apartment renovation.

Kellen, 41, has been accused by the late pedophile’s victims of being the “lieutenant” who helped Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s procure hundreds of girls. She denies the accusations, saying she was a “victim – not a monster.”

Now she faces fresh allegations that she and Vickers are a headache for residents of a luxury building at 92 Greene St. that was once home to Lindsay Lohan.

The couple lives in the three-bedroom, $10-million penthouse of the Mercer Greene building, where Vickers is president of the condo board. The 14 apartments are above ground-floor retail space that once housed the Ivanka Trump Boutique, and is now designer Brett Johnson’s US flagship store.

The building has been plagued by constant construction work for years, dating back to before Vickers became president in 2015, and residents complain about the costs and inconvenience of this maintenance. One homeowner says they’ve been charged $100,000 in assessments in the last five years.

Source: Alleged Jeffrey Epstein recruiter is reportedly a horrible neighbor