Race-based vaccine – Race-based virus

Israel’s Ethnic Bioweapon? | WIRED

REVEALED: Every single US state is being advised to consider ethnic minorities as critical groups for vaccination with HALF prioritizing black and Hispanic residents over white
Half of US states mentioned racial equity in their plans for vaccine rollout
Of these, 12 states specifically mention efforts to ‘reach diverse populations’
California, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Indiana are among those who have listed equity as a ‘key principle for vaccine distribution’
New Jersey, California and Kansas will focus on improving access to the vaccine by targeting transportation issues
New Mexico will focus on Native American communities
Many states will be focusing on their communication to black communities who have shown in increased hestitance to take a vaccine
In the US, black and Hispanic people are almost three times more likely to die from Covid-19 than whites

Source: Half of US states want to prioritize black and Hispanic people in vaccine rollout | Daily Mail Online

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