2013: Chinese military participation in the military parade in Mexico

On the occasion of the 203rd anniversary of Independence Day and the Centennial of the Mexican Army, the Government of Mexico held a large military parade on September 16 in the Zócalo and Paseo de la Reforma. In this year’s parade, the honor guard consisting of the three land, sea and air forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China (EPLCh), as well as those of the US, Russia, Brazil, Argentina … in total 18 countries, appeared together with the guards of honor of Mexico in Mexico City.

This is the second time that the Chinese military honor guard has stepped on Mexican soil and has been invited to participate in the military parade of the solemn celebration, since the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence in 2010. The second great martial presence of the Guardia has attracted much attention from all sectors of Mexican society.

Source: Chinese military honor guard has prominent participation in the military parade in Mexico_Spanish.china.org.cn_ 中国 最 权威 的 西班牙语 新闻 网站

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