Italian Couple Fined Rs 34,000 for Kissing in Public During Coronavirus Restrictions

couple was fined £360 (over Rs 34,000) for kissing in public in Milan, Italy as it was found to be in violation of the coronavirus guidelines in the city.

The incident occurred on October 9, when a 40-year-old Italian man and his Polish fiancée had removed their masks to kiss on the street, following which they were surrounded by four police officers.

According to the couple’s account, they had been engaged for two-and-a-half years, the proof of which they presented before the officers.

The couple showed pictures, videos and messages on a smartphone as evidence of their relationship but the officers continued to probe them, especially after they found separate addresses in their documents.

After establishing the identifications of both, the officers fined them with £360 in accordance with the Italian government’s rules which state that people must wear masks outdoors and maintain a gap of at least one metre from one another.

The restrictions, however, do not apply to people who live together.

The couple has alleged that they were fined despite nobody else was present nearby when they kissed.

A few months earlier, the Italian police were criticized for using a drone to catch a man lying alone on a beach and imposing a fine on him. Several people complained that the police were going too far and that the fine was uncalled for.

Italy is in one of the European countries that has faced a massive crisis on account of coronavirus pandemic. Several precautionary measures have been taken by local law enforcement agencies to control the spread of the virus.

The healthcare systems have come under tremendous strain as the beds and hospitals have continued to fill up. Limitations have been put on bars and alcohol sales, contact sports have been restricted.

Special schedules have been adopted by schools to conduct classes and online learning is being promoted. Consumption of drink in public spaces has been banned.

Although a record number of daily cases was found last week in Italy, the government has ruled out a repeat of lockdown as was done previously. The officials are looking at alternative measures to tackle the crisis.

Source: Italian Couple Fined Rs 34,000 for Kissing in Public During Coronavirus Restrictions

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