Luxury Nuclear Missile Silo Where The 1% Ride Out the Apocalypse

A deactivated Atlas missile silo has been reimagined as a high-end condominium complex, designed to support a luxurious lifestyle in the wake of the End Times. The Survival Condo can house 75 people for up to five years, sheltering them from the nuclear, chemical, and biological threats while pampering them with luxuries that include a custom bar, library, and swimming pool.

The Atlas missile was the first real intercontinental ballistic missile fielded by the United States. The Atlas F, armed with a thermonuclear warhead, was also the first missile fielded in underground, vertical launch missile silos. The missiles were decommissioned in the 1960s, replaced with the far deadlier Titan I and Titan II missiles.

Atlas F silos were 200 feet deep, made of reinforced concrete and steel. The silos were designed to shrug off a 10-kiloton nuclear explosion up to half a mile away while keeping their nuclear-tipped missiles snug and happy.

Nuclear warheads eventually became exponentially more powerful. The Atlas F’s 3.75-megaton warhead translates to 3,750 kilotons, and the Soviet Union’s bombs also became correspondingly more powerful. That’s why the Air Force ultimately discarded Atlas silos, which were no longer capable of protecting their missiles.

Source: Survival Condo: Atlas ICBM Missile Silo Turned Luxury Condo