Thousands march in London in fourth anti-lockdown protest | The Guardian

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters are marching through central London.

With anger brewing at the perceived unfairness of local lockdowns and increasing disagreement over the effectiveness of restrictions and the science of the pandemic, people travelled from across the country to attend the capital’s fourth mass protest against the government’s coronavirus measures.

Louise Creffield, the founder of Save Our Rights UK, one of the organisations behind the demonstration, said: “We believe that the coronavirus regulations that are in place are not proportionate and appropriate, and are causing more harm than good.

“We are very concerned with protecting people’s human rights: right to privacy, family life, bodily autonomy, medical freedoms, and so on. We are not just concerned with lockdowns per se, we are concerned with the infringements with our privacy by having this track and trace everywhere.

“The impact of the actions taken by the government are numerous, so we are not willing to support that, and we are keen to take a stance.”

Source: Thousands march in London in fourth anti-lockdown protest | World news | The Guardian