CA had decades to repair their power lines – now, new power cuts to avoid sparking more wildfires

The history of PG&E’s problems – ABC

California power authorities are planning to cut power for residents across 38 counties – affecting nearly a million people – as extreme fire weather threatens the region again.

Pacific Gas & Electric is attempting to avoid a repeat of a 2018 blaze sparked by damaged power equipment, leading to the destruction of much of the town of Paradise and the deaths of 85 people.

PG&E spokeswoman Lynsey Paulo said the utility’s meteorologists were tracking “the strongest offshore wind event of the season.”

“We’re seeing a dangerous combination of factors, with high winds, extreme low humidity, record dry fuels on the ground, and extreme to severe drought in many areas.”

Source: California to cut off power for 1 million people to avoid sparking more wildfires | Fox Business

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