Anti-lockdown protesters believe COVID restrictions threaten freedom | Toronto Sun

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters gathered at Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday to protest COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the provincial government.

The maskless demonstrators chanted for freedom and held up placards with messages such as “1984 has arrived” as some passing motorists honked their horns to show their support.

Meanwhile, the many citizens wearing masks in the vicinity went about their business and kept their distance from the crowd of protesters

“Well I hope I don’t have to go to their funerals because they are being very stupid,” Bernadette Samson said Saturday. “They are all close together … someone is going to get sick there for sure.”

The latest COVID-19 numbers released Saturday by the Ontario government listed 435 new cases and zero new deaths in the province. In response to the recent resurgence in coronovirus cases, strip joints have once again been shuttered and new restrictions require restaurants and bars to close early.

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Protester Sheila Marshall, who held up a T-shirt that read, “Hugs over masks,” doesn’t believe new regulations are necessary because “we are trapped in this WHO mess and one-world government nonsense.”

“And I have been out every day in stores without a mask and I am not afraid of it at all,” she added.

A masked Marlene Johnston, who kept her distance by staying across the street, weighed in on the protest.

Source: Anti-lockdown protesters believe COVID restrictions threaten freedom | Toronto Sun

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