US military uniform has a patch with China on it

The United States has staged a simulated island assault exercise featuring a red silhouette of China on air personnel’s uniforms, in what Chinese state media described as a provocative gesture.

The drill was being conducted in California, but triggered warnings from Chinese state media that China would fight back if the US attacked it in the South China Sea.

US-based Air Force magazine reported that the training by the US veteran drone fleet, which began on September 3, suggested that the US Air Force was focusing more on the Pacific region.

Patches on uniforms made for the exercise featured an MQ-9 Reaper drone superimposed over a red silhouette of China, the report said.

The reapers performed air strikes during a mock amphibious assault on San Clemente Island off the Californian coast.

“It’s a demonstration of our capability to rapidly move the MQ-9 anywhere in the world, to unfamiliar locations, and then get out and show the operational reach capabilities of the MQ-9,” US 29th Attack Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Brian Davis told the magazine.

MQ-9 Reapers have been used in wars in the Middle East and Africa for two decades, but the US Air Force has considered replacing them over fears that their stealth, electronic protection and speed capabilities were falling behind those of more advanced drones produced by China and Russia, according to Air Force.

Source: Does this US military uniform suggest it is preparing for war with China? – NZ Herald

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