It sure seems like the Internet Was Under “Attack”

UPDATE,3:31 PM: The Internet is actually not under siege and you can still watch Netflix over the weekend, it turns out – though it certainly felt like the digital world had collapsed to PONG levels for a while today.

There are still some dark spots out there, and some sites proving a little rickety, but one of the main providers of the routes that connects domains to their actual IP addresses says they have identified the problem and are watching out for more problems.“This afternoon we saw an outage across some parts of our network. It was not as a result of an attack,” said Cloudflare DNS on their blog just a few minutes ago after over an hour of interruption earlier Friday. “It appears a router on our global backbone announced bad routes and caused some portions of the network to not be available. We believe we have addressed the root cause and are monitoring systems for stability now.”

Source: Internet Takes A Global Hit As Cloudflare DNS Goes Down – Deadline

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