The US Department of Justice CONSPIRED with Jeffrey Epstein – in apparent violation of federal law | NBC

A top Republican senator is demanding answers about why the U.S. Department of Justice cut a ‘sweetheart deal’ with politically connected sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R.-Neb., wrote a series of letters to the DOJ this week after the Miami Herald reported that federal prosecutors had appeared to bend over backwards to accommodate demands from the multimillionaire’s high-powered legal team and let him walk away with a light sentence.

“The fact that this monster received such a pathetically soft sentence is a travesty that should outrage us all,” Sasse wrote to the DOJ. “I am particularly disturbed by this reporting indicating that federal prosecutors went out of their way to arrange this sweetheart deal for Epstein and conceal it from the women and girls that he abused who could have objected to it, in apparent violation of federal law.

Lawmakers want to know why the Department of Justice agreed to allow a light sentence for “this monster.”

Source: Lawmakers demand probe of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘sweetheart deal’