Pandemic: The globalists great experiment – They hit the world reset button and did it for many reasons


2019 was the year of the anti-corrupt government activists. There were unprecedented protests around the world. Of course, mainstream media jumped in and labeled the activists as anti-government – a complete lie. The UK left the European Union. World leaders around the world were accused of pedophilia via the Jeffrey Epstein saga.

The globalists needed a way out.- and they purposely unleashed the pandemic around the world.

The first thing they did was the lockdown quarantine of 4.5 billion people under the guise of a humanitarian effort (pandemic). Most of the world is now under some form of martial law. Mainstream media helps the globalists by never using the word martial law. Our rights and freedoms have been stripped.

They want the people to be more dependent than ever on government. That’s why you’re now hearing the phrase, ‘Universal Basic Income’promoted.

Let’s not forget, it’s the lockdowns that caused, loss of civil rights, economic uncertainty, food shortages, social unrest, curfews, mass unemployment, civilians traumatized, draconian laws, travel bans, small business plunges, and checkpoints. – not the pandemic.