Virus power-grab? Trump admin seeks ‘sweeping’ powers to detain without trial during pandemic – MSNBC

Attorney General Bill Barr has asked Congress for sweeping powers to detain people “indefinitely without trial” during emergencies, a controversial coronavirus proposal. Former Federal Prosecutor Maya Wiley says the proposal goes “far and beyond any powers” that would logically balance “public safety and the rights of our people,” in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.Source: …

Harsh global lockdown tightens as virus deaths mount – AFP

Harsh lockdowns aimed at halting the march of the coronavirus pandemic extended worldwide Monday as the death toll soared past 37,500 amid new waves of US outbreaks. Despite slivers of hope in stricken Italy and Spain, the tough measures that have confined some two-fifths of the globe's populationSource: Global lockdown tightens as virus deaths mount