275 million people under some form of government lockdown quarantine?

30 million Zhejiang cities of Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Taizhou under lockdown

57 million in Hubei under lockdown

Indications below that 47 million in Shanghai and Beijing are under some form of lockdown?

Report of 15 million locked down in Chengdu, China

126 million – Cities in Guangdong, China to allow temporary seizure of private properties

Total – 275 million?

Beijing in the Time of Coronavirus: No Traffic, Empty Parks and Fear

Locked down against coronavirus in Shanghai – ABC Radio

Chinese city lockdown approaches Shanghai – World – The Jakarta Post

More Chinese cities are put on lockdown over coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

‘Ghost city’: Commute through deserted Beijing amid coronavirus – Reuters

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An indication Beijing is under some form of lockdown – 23 million

An indication Shanghai is on some form of lockdown – 23 million