August 31, 2019 Odessa,Texas shooting -missed warnings galore!

Odessa shooter had been calling the FBI and police for YEARS!

How was the gunman able to go on a shooting spree lasting over an hour?

The neighbor of the west Texas shooter said he threatened her with a large rifle last month, but claims police never responded. Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wacrow called the shooter’s actions toward Alonzo “behavioral red flags” and wondered why police reportedly failed to act during a CNN interview on Sunday.

Odessa shooter failed gun background check, Gov. Greg Abbott says

Odessa shooter called the police and the FBI 15 minutes before the shooting – no audio of this call was provided.  Source 2

The gunman had been fired from his trucking job just hours before his killing rampage, the New York Times reported, citing interviews with officials.

The shooter’s employer also called the police

Texas public records indicate the parents of accused Odessa mass shooter Seth Ator reside in far West San Antonio. Birth records indicate that Seth Aaron Ator was born to Debra Sue Warren and Denis Keith Ator on Sept. 17, 1982, in Potter County, which includes Amarillo. At the house listed in public records for Denis Keith Ator, a person who came to the door Sunday afternoon declined to comment. “No comment, no trespassing, go away,” the unidentified person said without opening the front door. It is unclear if the person was male or female. Two cars were parked outside the home in the 15000 block of Tamaron Pass. According to the Bexar County Appraisal District, the home was purchased by Denis Keith Ator in 2012. Driver’s license records show that both Debra Sue Ator and Denis Keith Ator reside at the address. The upscale, beige-colored house is on a large corner lot in far West Bexar County with several trees and shrubs dotting the yard, along with a fountain.