Is Epstein still alive and in the witness protection program? – Washington Times

The name Jeffrey Epstein has taken up most of the bandwidth in news outlets since last Saturday morning, when we were told his lifeless body was found in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell in New YorkEpstein was being housed there pending trial on sex-trafficking charges.

Much of the coverage of his reported demise has speculated about whether his death was suicide, as initial reports indicated, or whether perhaps some of the rich and powerful acquaintances Epstein had collected over the years decided silencing him would be better than the waves of embarrassment he could have potentially brought raining down.

What evidence exists to support the various conspiracy scenarios?

Epstein had requested a meeting for Friday with the newest member of his legal team. That attorney, David Schoen, a longtime friend of Epstein‘s, could not meet on Friday but said the two had met earlier this month for the specific purpose of Schoen joining the defense team. Schoen says Epstein was “engaged” and “excited” during the meeting and very much looking forward to defending himself. The two were scheduled to meet again this coming week.

Would most people add a high priced attorney to a defense team they had no intention of using?

It isn’t unusual that there would be no camera inside a prisoner’s cell, but in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, cells on Epstein’s wing had video surveillance at the entry to each cell.


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